Real options for a new site, choosing to switch and not to switch

Posted on September 22, 2013

Like many, I was wondering whether to switch from wordpress to a static site. I won’t bore you with the details.

Instead of switching right away, I used Real Options to postpone that decision.

Using Real Options

Real Options is one of those things that is simple, but not easy. I’ve been using the version of it that fits on a businesscard since I came across Chris Matts, and an intuitive version long before that. I wasn’t that much into commitment, and I like to keep my options open if possible.

The businesscard version of real options:

  1. Options have value.
  2. Options expire.
  3. Never commit early unless you know why.

So how did I use Real Options in this case?

Snowy mountain scenery showing many paths to ski, Knife Ridge seen
from Wolf Creek
Options by Zach Dischner

Options have value

Starting a blog on a new site with new software allows me to try out more things.

Options expire

This is a tricky one. I can have as many blogs as I want, and it doesn’t cost me anything. Oh wait, it does. I have to remember how to post to them, and I have maintain them (some more than others). My audience, if any, can get confused between all of the options.

I decided to get started, see how fast I went about things and set an expiration date later.

Never commit early unless you know why

I had my pros and cons listed, but since I wasn’t sure whether a static site would give me the interaction (comments) and sharing (RSS) options I wanted without too much effort, I did not want to commit to a static site.

So I decided to write posts on both, and see which one I would like best.


A few months after I started, I have comments and RSS feeds on the new site, and the original site has some problems that I need to fix; some of the images are no longer showing. I have the feeling the option is expiring, and I might as well write more posts at the new site.

Being aware of the options you have, and realising you don’t have to decide now makes playing with alternatives more relaxing, so instead of the tyranny of choice, you get the fun of choosing.


My motivation for writing this up was a chat I had with Chris Matts He said that stories about the use of real options help make them more understandable, as the concept can be quite abstract. I hope this helped you understand Real Options in practice.

Further reading

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