Dynamic or static blog site, pros and cons

Posted on August 13, 2013

When I’m mulling over a decision I often find it helpful to make a list of pros and cons. I wanted to restart blogging, and didn’t feel positive about having to upgrade my wordpress and its’ remaining plugins. Installing something for the first time so I can do things I could not do before is fun, having to install updates and reconfigure things that already worked not so much.

I’ve benefited from other peoples’ considerations on whether to use a a static site generator or not. Especially why some switch back to where they came from, so here is mine. Not the worlds’ most riveting writing, I also didn’t want to clutter the next post about how I postponed most decisions with these details.

Pros of switching:

Cons of switching:

Most of the below boil down to switching costs. Putting in effort that I might not have to do otherwise.

How I chose to switch? I didn’t. Not yet at least. In another post I’ll explain how I chose to switch as well as not to switch using Real Options.

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